Nicole nero studio
The 408 Saratoga Wedding for Caroline and Matt

Caroline + Matt

The 408 Saratoga

Fossil Stone Farm Wedding for Jenna and Zack

Jenna + Zack

Fossil Stone Farm

Basilica Hudson Wedding for Jeremy and Adam

Jeremy + Adam

Basilica Hudson

Seven Ponds Farm Wedding for Cathrin and Cameron

Catherin + Cameron

Seven Ponds Farm

SoHo Engagement Session with Selia and Andrew

Selia + Andrew

Manhattan, New York

Manhattan Engagement Session - Fuji

Siobhan + Kathryn

Manhattan, New York

Manhattan Engagement Session with Siobhan and Kathryn

Siobhan + Kathryn

Manhattan, New York

Roundhouse Wedding for Abbey and Brandon

Abbey + Brandon

The Roundhouse Beacon

Revolution Hall Wedding for Lauren and James

Lauren + James

Revolution Hall

Canfield Casino Wedding for Jacquelyn and Luke

Jacquelyn + Luke

Canfield Casino

Downtown Troy Night Engagement Session

Jess + Josh

Troy, NY

Spillian Wedding with Eliza and Mitch

Eliza + Mitch


Spillian Wedding - Portra 800

Eliza + Mitch


Washinton Park Engagement Session with Erin and Chris

Erin + Chris

Washington Park

Elegant M&D Farm Wedding with Brittany and Marco

Brittany + Marco

M&D Farm

Timeless M&D Farm Wedding with Christina and Teddy

Christina + Teddy

M&D Farm

June M&D Farm Wedding for Amelia and Omar

Amelia + Omar

M&D Farm

Saratoga Wedding Day for Michelle and Mitchell

Michelle + Mitchell

Forno Bistro

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