What’s your style? – Are we too awkward?
Can wegive youa shotlist?
Do we need a 2nd photographer? – Do you help with our timeline?
How do payments work?
How many photos will we get and are they edited?
Can wegive youa shotlist?
How many photos will we get and are they edited?


Scroll down to take a peek at some of my most frequently asked questions!

What’s your style?

I get asked this a lot… my style is what you see all over my website! Emotional photos that are richly edited with a storytelling feel. My approach is very fly-on-the-wall (you can’t force emotion, but after 11 years, I've mastered the art of observtion and know how to anticipate and capture it!).

Are we too awkward?

NOPE! 99.9% of my clients claim to be ‘super awkward’, but DO NOT WORRY! If you need direction, I’ll be able to see that in 2 seconds and will help you out! I've got your back in this and am well versed in helping you feel super comfy!

Do we need a 2nd photographer?

If you are inviting 140+ guests, it is highly recomended to add a 2nd photographer to your packge. This ensures great coverage around you both as well as your guests!

Do you help with our timeline?

100%! Having a photo/video timeline is very important. It will generally cover arrival time, getting ready time, dress-on time, first look time, family formal time, ceremony, cocktail, reception formalities, etc. It will give you a quick and simple overview of the day so you can share with family/friends who are involved with the wedding and need to know where to be when!

How many photos will we get and are they edited?

About 90 final photos per hour of coverage. So, 8 hours of coverage = approx 720 final photos. All photos are edited for color balance, exposure and contrast to compliment the editing style on my website.

When will we get our photos?

FOUR WEEKS after your wedding! Right. Not 5-6 weeks, not 8-10 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! It might not feel like waiting longer is a big deal, but trust me, after your wedding, nothing will matter more than getting your photos asap!

Are you insured? Do you have backup gear?

Yes and yes, absolutely. I'm a major type-a planner, so I've got backups of backups and if your venue requires a COI, just ask and I can get it sent your way!

Can we give you a shot list?

Nope! You can give me family formal combinations though. Any Pinterest or inspo photos, toss them. Trust me. You want photos from YOUR day, not copies of someone elses!

How do payments work?

A 30% non-refundable retainer and contract are due to officially reserve your date (this saves your wedding date just for you and nobody else!). Your remaining balance is due 60 days before the wedding.

Do you offer discounts?

Nope! I'm very lucky to book in full every year and the idea of some paying different prices than others isn't fair, so I don't offer discounts. However, if you need less coverage time, I'm absolutely willing to make you a custom package!

Does it matter if you've photographed at my venue before?

Not really. I'm at new venues frequently and when you're hiring someone experienced they should be able to choose the optimal location (which is all dependant on light) immeadiatly, simply by glancing around. If they need to see a location in advance in order to do this, you're likely hiring someone less experienced.

What will get us the best wedding photos?

Going with the flow, being in the moment and enjoying yourself and not overplanning your photos - truly. I've seen it all and these types of days ALWAYS end up with the best photos and the least amount of stress! I'll help you with this - so don't worry!

You focus on a candid approach, but do you still take formal family/wedding party photos?

YES, of course. Those are photos that you and your families will want, so we will fit them in the timeline and I will ask you for a list of family combinations to make process as efficient as possible!

Do you do phone calls?

The short answer is no. If you'd like to say a quick hello, I'd be happy to hop on a call, but for any questions, planning, logistics, etc I require that to all be done via email to be sure you have the most timely response possible, but also so it can easily be referenced by both of us and nothing possibly missed or forgotten because it was mentioned on a call and not written down!

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