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Go with the flow

The way to get wedding photos like these is to simply go with the flow. Let moments happen. Enjoy them. Relish the big and the small - because they ALL make for amazing photos. If you're getting emotional - go with it! Don't try to hide it. If it's raining, take the good luck and plan to grab an umbrella and get out there! The magic starts when you throw yourself in and experience those moments, without stress or hesitation.


Ditch the list

After 11 years of capturing weddings, I can tell you the photos are never as good if you are trying to go off a list. It's distracting from the real and true moments that are happening around you and it's trying to create moments that maybe weren't true to your day. Having photos that are unique to you and YOUR wedding, true to the connection you two share - those are the photos I'll capture for you, the truest of true ones - ones you'll cherish for a lifetime.


Trust me

I've got your back. If things happen to run a bit late, don't worry, we'll do our best to make up the time. If it's raining, I've got cute umbrellas. If you are concerned about the what ifs, don't be - they weren't meant to be part of your day. Don't worry about getting your dress dirty. Being game for anything will get you BY FAR the best photos I could ever deliver to you. Those matter much more than a clean dress and believe me, the dress will end up dirty no matter what, so you might as well get the amazing photos!

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Hi! I'm Nicole (she/her), a wedding photographer based in Upstate New York.

As a photographer, I believe your wedding photos should be perfectly - YOU.Not staged or fake, not based on a list from other peoples weddings, but YOURS.They should be personal; candidly showing your truest moments and interactions, soas the decades pass, you can relive every moment and feeling through your photographs.