LGBTQIA Friendly Wedding Vendors in Upstate NY

LGBTQIA friendly wedding vendors in Upstate NY. A phrase I wish nobody had to search for or ask about, also one I struggle to type. If you follow me on any platform, I hope my belief in and support of equality is abundantly clear. I've been profusely thanked by a number of my gay and queer clients for 'accepting them for who they are'. Which, candidly, makes me cry every time, because of course I do, yet I'm very aware of why they are saying it. No couple should have to wonder if a vendor is going to judge them or reject them and after recently getting another inquiry that mentioned 'if you are ok with that', I knew it was time to put this post together, so hopefully, when you reach out to anyone on this list - you can confidently know that they do indeed support you for who you are and will cheer you on. LOUDLY!

*This is of course not a comprehensive list, but are people and places I've worked with and been that made clear their support for the LGBTQIA community and their weddings.


Audrey's Farmhouse and Old Mill

Basilica Hudson

Blooming Hill Farm

Brown's Revolution Hall

Bottino NYC

June Farms

Lucas Confectionery

M&D Farm

Senate Garage

Seven Ponds Farm

Stablegate Farm and Vineyard

Takk House



Birch Hill Catering


Nicole Catering

Lily and The Rose


Conway Entertainment - Fernando

DJ Ketchup

Mike Garassi

Pat Bergeron

Superfly Sounds



Canvas Weddings

Lovely Event Planning

Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Wild Blooms Bridal

Dress Shops:

Lily Saratoga

Love Story Bridal

Wild Blooms Bridal


Glass Planet Videography

Jesslyn Meehan Films

LaRose Media

Love N Pixels


Renaissance Floral Design

Samantha Nass Floral Design


TK Florals

Hair & Makeup:

Carina Scott

Christina Delphino

Erin Muller

LC Beauty Company

True Beauty Company

Osman Salam


Chaplain Claudia Meyer

Michelle Zipp

Zaro Celebrations

Nicole nero studio